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Project33 in Printable Form

Project33 in Printable Form

The Project33 CD-ROM contains a 1614 page Adobe PDF document containing every build-up article that was written during the six years of construction.

During the build I had numerous people asking or encouraging me to put the project out as a book, in printed form. I chose instead to distribute the article in a printable file that allows end-users to print it themselves. Here’s why:

If you’re going to print the entire PDF file one-sided (1-sheet per page) you better pick up 4-500 sheet packages of paper. You’ll use over three and a half of them! Oh, and get a few ink cartridges while you’re at it because you’ll probably go through a few.


If you print it two-sided (front and back) then expect to use about 807 sheets. Even at that, the stack of paper will be about 3-1/2” tall when you’re finished! If you decide to hole-punch the pages and place them in a 3-ring binder, make sure to get a 4” thick binder because the more common 3” ones won’t hold it all!

Just think of how much useful information is contatined in this book. I had no idea it would be this large.

I went to Kinko’s to see what it would run to have them print a copy. I was shocked to hear a quote of $90 for 2-sided with holes punched but even more shocked to find out that that was for black and white! Their bid for full color was over $750 – ouch!

Most of you will probably never print the entire file. With a PDF you have the ability to print only the pages you need and the forests of the world will have a lot more trees because of this, but I have to say that it’s pretty impressive to see this much printed out in one big stack.


Another cool thing about distributing the articles in PDF format is that you can zoom in and still retain clarity. My screen resolution is 1280x960 and I’m able to view the file at 200% with excellent detail. This is kind of nice for some of us old dogs that can’t see as well as they used to.

Thanks for your interest in Project33 and I wish you the best of luck with your project!


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