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Here are a few testimonials from people who purchased the Project33 CD-ROM.

These are from actual everyday people, not paid prfessional letter writers, and each has given  perpermission to use their testimonial. I'm really thrilled that everyone likes the CD-ROM and finds it useful. Thanks for the nice reviews!


Recently bought the Project 33 cd. To say it's good would be an understatement. Took it to work last Friday night to look at on laptop in case I wasn't busy. Read the first 127 pages and all the video clips. I'll have to get cracking on with my 34 ford over here in England now. Truely inspirational. Great cd, GREAT WEB SITE AND GREAT INSPIRATION that's kick started my project again.

Many thanks and Best regards



I recieved the cd and finally had a chance to give it a try. Works Great! Really enjoyed the web site althouogh I was just a lurker. Sure wish you and the car could have made it to Louisville and the NSRA Nationals. I would love to see the car in person. Maybe the new owner will bring it. Good luck on the next project.


G'day Scooter

I recieved the CD-ROM last week and just wanted to say thanks. It will come in handy and I'm sure I will get heaps of use out of it. Now I'm thinking about hooking a old computer up in my garage, that way I can look at the CD without the use of the internet.



Recieved my Project33 CD this afternoon. Promptly stuck it into my CD drive, and it worked perfectly. Looks just like the web site, but without the Street Rod Forum. Now I have Project33 forever.

Thanks Scooter,



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